Ran pump with valve closed


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May 25, 2017
So chalk this one up to rushing out of the house to go on vacation. Last Saturday before leaving for a much needed week down the shore, I went out to the pool and cleaned the skimmer basket and filter basket. When I clean the filter basket I always close the valves so water doesn't drain from the system. Well yours truly forgot to move the multiport valve back to the filter position before leaving so the thing has been running with the valve closed for 10 hours a day for the last seven days. The filter basket melted and the fitting from the housing to the multiport valve also melted. The PVC pipes coming into the pump housing also turned pink (darker close to the housing and lighter further from the housing). I replaced the fittings that were damaged and I'm able to get the pump going but now I have air in the system and the multiport valve isn't working as it should. I'm guessing the spider gasket was deformed from the heat, but I haven't taken it apart yet to confirm that. At any rate, I'm looking for suggestions on the best course of action. I'm tempted to replace everything (pump, housing, multiport valve, and the now pink pipes leading into the valve, but thats probably an $800 or $900 expense that I'd rather not incur. On the other hand I don't want to spend the next week trying to rebuild everything with no guarantee that will solve the issue. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Jun 22, 2014
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Wow. That's one of those "why me" moments. :brickwall: I'm surprised to hear the pump motor made it. You did a lot already, but you might look closely to ensure there are no leaks or odd sounds at the motor. If so, you might get away with just seals around the plate and/or perhaps shaft seal. Sounds like you already took care of the wet end, but for air to get in while running means something is still letting air "in" on the suction side. Did you lube the strainer pot lid O-ring and drain plugs? Check everything closely coming out of the ground to the pump inlet. If you're just getting a little air and/or seeing little drips here & there, you might get-by this season and think it over. See how it looks next spring before dropping a lot of coin on a total re-do.
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