Raising TA with pH already high


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Feb 14, 2020
Sydney Australia
I tested and updated my PoolMath app with TA 30 and pH 7.8. The app said to add 2Kg of baking soda but reading up some article here indicating that pH will also raise slightly.
How do I go about it? Lower the pH first before adding the bakng soda ?

I must add that we had lots of rain in the last month or so which raised the level of the water by approx. 10cm

Thank you


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Mar 5, 2020
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Effect on your pH will be small, I don't think the order of adding baking soda and acid matters much with your fibreglass pool, your parameters are far from a scaling risk. 2kg of baking soda will get your TA to 70 and pH to slightly below 7.9, which you can then correct with muriatic acid.

I am more worried about your FC, according to your Poolmath logs it is only 0.5ppm. You should add some chlorine to get that up quickly.


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+1 on the above. Chlorine is and should always be your primary concern. Yours is too low.

Move pH and TA in what ever order you like but move them individually as mgtfp suggests
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