Raised Bond Beam - Flush vs Lip


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Aug 20, 2020
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So I feel like 95% of the raised bond beams I see are 100% flush with the inside surface of the pool, and it looks nice.
However, there are some that it almost looks like they are sitting on top of the coping, and there is about a 2-3 inch lip between the the edge of the coping and the raised bond beam.

What is the terminology for this? Does it matter?

My wife actually wanted the lip for small kids to be able to grab onto if they needed it.... whereas the flush ones there is nothing to grab because its a slippery vertical wall...

See attached picture to see an example with the 2-3in lip basically 'sitting on top' of the coping.

One thing to mention is that we will have an automatic cover, which requires the 'rails' hidden just under the coping. This may have something to do with it as well....

Thanks for your help!


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