Raise step / stairs in pool


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Jun 26, 2015
Concord, CA
I got some very low price steps off Facebook Marketplace a few years ago. They worked with my Intex, but going to a pool 4" taller has now made the stairs a 15" step down and it's a bit too much. I tried to engineer a simple fix, screwing flower pots on as a riser (there were pool noodles on the rims to protect the liner) and in theory it worked great until the stairs got a little sideways when walking on them and one of the pots ripped off. There were only 6 of the gallon jugs of concrete in them rather than the normal 10 or so we usually had which is why I think it tipped. Anyways, back to the drawing board. Had anyone ever had to do this? I've googled and searched and can't find anything. I'm thinking maybe something out of PVC that can attach to the bottom, a frame with legs? Also, I'm wondering if I do a frame that extends to the back of the stairs, past the slope, that will help with the stairs wanting to do a wheelie backwards.
Pictures of my failure for your viewing pleasure.


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Feb 25, 2011
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Great McGyver move!! I'm curious of the weight distribution now and if you may find any sinking into your sand base from the PVC pipes. If possible could you let us know if you mid summer? Nice job!