Raise CYA to winterize or wait until Spring?

Jun 6, 2020
Knoxville, TN
My pool was installed in the middle of July and I added everything pool math told me upon initial fill. All of my levels have remained in just about perfect levels ever since then EXCEPT my CYA has ALWAYS been super low (20.) I know everything needs to be in balance before I close the pool for the winter and that I need to bring my pool to slam level before closing, but with my CYA being so low I'm conflicted on what to do. I can't remember the thread I was reading, but somewhere someone said NOT to worry about CYA until opening in the spring since the pool would be completely covered and not exposed to sunlight over the winter. Other posts say I need to raise the CYA because that affects my target SLAM levels. Considering it's so low right now I don't know where to start with my SLAM levels because the chart doesn't even start until 60 for SWG pools.

The biggest mystery is that I added the full amount of stabilizer that pool math told me to initially, and I added it in a sock just like I was supposed to, but my level never increased to more than 20 and I have no idea why! I was also concerned about how quickly it dissolved compared to the time I was reading that it SHOULD dissolve. I've always wondering if I had just gotten some bad stabilizer. But regardless, my water has always been crystal clear and perfectly in balance everywhere else even though my pool is in full sun.

Current Levels:
FC - 3
CC - 0
TC - 3
PH - 7.5
TA - 80
CH - 125
CYA - 20
Borate - 50
Salt - 3300
Temp - 80

Do I add 8-9 lbs of stabilizer to raise it up before closing, or guess at a SLAM level for closing and then raise the CYA in the spring?
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