Rain storm caused problems, need advice


Aug 22, 2009
Spivey's Corner, NC
So, we started filling (1/2 way) last Monday, Tuesday, they finished plumbing and were started back filling dirt behind walls and we were supposed to finish filling w/ water as soon as they were done. Storm came up as they were finishing the backfill and had 2 in of rain in about hour. Dirt and water rushed in under the steps and deposited piles of dirt under liner. The water and dirt caused the vermicullite to crack. Pool builder looked at it the next day and said he saw the problems and would fix it but the ground needed to dry out first. PB is on vacation this week so he sent two of his guys. We had to drain what water we had put in, and when the pulled the liner back it was worse than thought. Water washed dirt around side and down to the slope going down to the deep end. They called PB and he said not to undo liner at stairs (where alot of the dirt is). PB said he would be here Monday morning to fix it.

My question is what will he need to do to fix it? Will the liner be ok b/c I'm pretty sure he is going to have to remove where it is attached at the stairs, and light? He'll probably have to redo the vermiculite too. Anything else? It looks like the rain helped settle the backfill.

Additional pics:


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Oct 29, 2009
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Yikes, I'm sorry to see that. I expect that they know what they're doing, so try not to worry! Hopefully some of our construction folks will stop by to comment.


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Apr 19, 2010
Being that we just filled our new pool yesterday, I'm feeling very bad for you. This must be extremely frustrating, but I hope the fix is an easy and swift one so that you can have your backyard again. This has been the worst part for me - not having a backyard for more than six weeks, and if I had this setback I know I'd want to cry. Good luck - I hope the pool builder can fix it on Monday so you can refill immediately.


Aug 22, 2009
Spivey's Corner, NC
Yes it is frustrating. Hopefully our PB will be able to repair it quickly. I know it is hard to tell without actually seeing the pool first hand, but I guess I was just hoping that some of the builders on here could tell me what to look for to make sure that our PB fixes it right. Or if they think that our liner can be saved if they end up having to take it out.

I'm just surprised that the fill dirt settled that much leaving the much of a depression. I wonder if that is something to be concerned about.



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Dec 3, 2009
Central Massachusetts
Everything you experienced is perfectly normal. When a over dug, freshly backfilled pool is subjected to heavy rain, the backfill will wash in. Thats actually a good thing. All that needs to happen in more fill is added to bring everything back up to grade. Whats not good is the floor cracking. You just got unlucky and got a big rain mid construction. Dont worry about the liner. Your still under construction, so the PB should take care of it.
Vermiculite is fine for a floor, been used for years. But in this situation, if they had used pool crete, this would ot have happened, most likely.

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