Rain, Rain Go Away

Mar 30, 2015
I’m posting here because I feel like you guys know me lol! But if it needs to be moved let me know.

We have been dealing with days and days of HEAVY rain. My water still looks good with the exception of some leaves in the middle. My FC is barely like a 1.

I’m worried it’s going to start getting yucky! So do I just keep poring the bleach to it or should I use powdered shock instead? Or do I wait until the rain passes and fix whatever goes wrong. I feel like I’m just wasting money because we keep having to pull water off because it’s over flowing.



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Jul 11, 2012
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Pour away! You HAVE to keep the FC up no matter what. I am fighting the same fight here :( How is your CYA? Mine has tanked so I will be adding some this weekend.

You will lose/use more fc if you let any algae get in there so........... up it goes!

Run and share a full set of numbers between these rain bands. IF your CYA is low you can use the powder to add FC and CYA. It might even help push the PH down if it is high from the rain as happens to min.