Rain - chlorine adjustments


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May 18, 2007
Broken Arrow, OK
This my first year with a pool. I was wondering if you do anything special chlorine adjustments when a big storm is coming. For example, do you add some extra chlorine in anticipation of an inch of rain? Or, do you just test each evening, as usual, and do any necessary adjustments then? I saw a big storm coming this morning and thought about upping the chlorine since I know it will rain at least an inch. I am curious what others do. Thanks.


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I personally don't do anything in preparation of an oncoming storm except to make sure things are picked up around the pool. I don't want to have to go and knock on neighbors door to get my noodles out of their yard; which by then, their dog mistook for a chew toy. :shock: :x Perhaps others will have different opinions.


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May 4, 2007

I'm in the same boat as you. What has been happening with me is, due to evaporation in the Miami sun my water level drops, I don't have an auto filler and we are under water restrictions so I have been trying to let the rain fill my pool. It is so unpredictable that for two weeks (it has been raining everyday) my water level has not budged, I almost got the hose but tried to wait it out. The next day 20% chance of rain and it rained for about 1.5 hours and my pool almost over flooded. I checked my CL level and it dropped to 1ppm so I added CL to get it up to 4.5. Due to the unpredictability, I am waiting after the storm not before.

MY PB did tell me that after heavy rains there is a brownish film that some pools get and that I should brush right after. I didn't notice any film after the rain but I brushed any way.