Radiant Pool with failing components


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May 17, 2019
Hello all,
We are new to this forum and new to living in Lakeland, FL. We have 4 kids that really, really want a pool, we cannot afford an inground, so we're looking at our cheapest option above ground but we'd like to sink it in the ground halfway and would like it to be saltwater compatible. The local pool store here recommended a frog leap system, which I quickly found out here is not a good option. They priced a 27' round for us at just under $4,000 with everything included (frog leap system, vacuum, ladder etc), except installation which would be about $500. I'd really like to go saltwater but do we have to buy a pool that is rated for saltwater? I'd hate to spend a few thousand on a pool that rusts in a few years. Any specific pool recommendations and where to buy?
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I own a Radiant pool I use with a salt water generator.that is now 11 years old. About 8 years ago I noticed that the powder coating on the interior aluminum pool wall was flaking and not protecting it from corrosion. Radiant Pools customer service recommended that I have an electrician check for ground faults and none were found. They did send me a few small pieces of aluminum to cover the most corroded areas.
Now it is time for a new liner and when I looked at the interior wall the coating was flaking throughout the pool and I even found a small hole going through the entire inner aluminum wall!
I spoke with Customer Service at Radiant and they were more concerned with denying responsibility for any manufacturing defects than telling me what I needed to do to fix the problem. Their advertised "lifetime warranty" is only for manufacturing defects and they wanted to cover their butts from having to pay anything to fix the pool.
When I pointed out to them that the protective finish on the inner wall did not help with corrosion, I was told that the owner of Radiant Pools has a Saltwater generator and he did not have that problem. I wasn't sure how that statement was supposed to help. I also suggested that their engineers might want to determine if there is a better coating to protect aluminum from corrosion. Airplane manufacturers know all about this.

Anyways, be cautious about using a SWG systems with a radiant pool until you speak with them about this potential problem.
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May 15, 2010
I have a 27’ round Radiant pool and installed it myself in 2014. It is buried 2’ in ground and installed a cement collar around it and back filled with 3/4” limestone exactly like I was told to do by Radiant. I have a ground wire around the pool, so I feel I did everything right. Using a SWG also and I am noticing some bubbles or maybe flaking in between the liner and pool wall. I emailed Radiant a week ago and have not heard a word from them.