R410 Pool Heater


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Feb 24, 2012
R410 Pool Heater
I have a Hayward unit giving trouble.
It trips off on 'LP, : code and we understand that to mean low suction.

Trouble is suction reads 95. Right now high side Schrader cap stuck due to Oceanfront salt spray corrosion.

Since Hayward provides no charging chart, you have to guess target pressures . Otherwise it's recover and weigh in. I did check a chart from another mfg with a similar cop and it calls for 95 suction at these temps!

I added 9 oz of 410 and suction pressure did not move. I have regular hoses so i know I'm getting a good reading. I'd make a tall bet that it's not low on refrigerant, but it's still possible.

Anyone on here worked on one of these or have ideas