R-0871-A -E what are the differences.


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Aug 23, 2016
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So I was looking for a good deal on testing reagents as im getting low (and I messed up and left them out in the sun today, first day ever).

I was low on the R 0871 and the R 0013 and noticed when I googled that there were different ones or at least sort of different ones. -A - C - E.

I think they are just based on size but wanted to confirm. Also, I know these have a shelf life but if I stored a large bottle 16oz and kept it in a cool dark location, any idea what the shelf life would be?



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Jun 12, 2009
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You are correct that the letters are size indicators.

Taylor recommends a 1-year shelf life, but we (and myself through experience) say that if you keep it in temperature controlled environment that 2 years is very reasonable. The importance for storage is room temperature, some misunderstand and think storing in a fridge will help. In reality the temperature swing of fridge to hot humid air can be just as damaging as leaving it in the hot air all the time.