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Aug 27, 2020
I'm getting quotes for a 16'x35' fiberglass in-ground pool in KY. I've put together a spreadsheet to try and make an apples to apples comparison of quotes and get an estimate of what my total outlay is going to be. I know location is everything on prices but I was hoping to just get some general guidance on if these quotes look reasonable and if I'm missing anything. I've included 5 quotes and also the sketch I drew of what I intend to do. Gazebo and fire pit left off quotes for now. Are these similar to prices others are seeing elsewhere in the country? I'm in KY in a very low cost of living town so I thought they seemed high. Is this pandemic pricing or are these typical prices for my project. General feedback welcome as well!



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Jan 17, 2012
Evans, Georgia
Hey there Ingarrett- glad to have you join us here at TFP :wave:

Skimming over your spreadsheet I'll tell you that if you're going with a cartridge filter, make it a big one! The bigger the better for fewer cleanings.

Good plan on Salt Water Chlorine Generator (SWG) and Variable Speed Pump. I lean more towards Pentair and Hayward only because Jandy is stickier about how they provide warranties unless pool builders do all the equipment. But no matter which brand of equipment you get you *do* want to specify that you want Jandy neverlube valves and not cheap plastic ball valves. Preferably all skimmers, drains and returns are individually run from the equipment pad.

Also $1600 for a robot is ridiculous!!! For a fiberglass pool (which I also have) a basic $700 max robot from Maytronics like the Pentair Warrior SE or Active 20 (both are the same) is plenty. We suggest you buy this outside of your pool builder contract but make sure the builder puts a power outlet in near the pool. We'll help you scope out the best place to buy from when you're ready.

That's all I can see so far.... keep us posted on plans and further questions.



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Nov 19, 2018
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Contractor #5 seems like el cheapo. You know what they say about that. 120 Sq Ft cartridge filter is too small for that size of a pool. Ours is 420 sq ft for a free form 18ish foot x 32ish foot pool.
I would get two skimmers. Wind does more to push floating stuff than anything else. Get them installed for prevailing winds. EG, ours are installed on the East and West side of the pool as that is where most of the wind comes from.