Quickly Losing Pressure


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Dec 13, 2020
Round Rock, TX
I'm sorry if this has already been asked, but I don't see a search box for the forums.

I have an 18'x33' above ground running on a Clear Water II cartridge system with a dual speed 2hp pump and a Polaris 65. It was installed less than 2 years ago. I've been fighting a battle with loosing pressure after a couples of hours. The water is crystal clear with a very small amount of daily leaves falling it. This is not a debris problem. Filter is as white as snow and is cleaned weekly. What I have to do now to get pressure back is to drain the tank enough to open it, reassemble and it runs for a couple hours. Then it's extremely low pressure again after a couple hours. This even happens when the filter is removed from the tank. Removing the Polaris 65 does not help either. I'm at a loss here so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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