Quick Question - White Washer found in Multi-Port Valve


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Apr 22, 2014

My Hayward Multi-port valve was hard to turn so I opened it up to inspect the spider gasket. When opening, I found what appeared to be a white washer (the one that lives just under the handle) in one of the ports.

I replaced the top of my valve 2 years ago when my handle broke. So my question:

There isn't any sort of white washer that lives in the port assembly is there?

Doesn't make sense that there would be, but I found it in 1 of 2 ports that has a hole. And I can't recall how that would have fallen in without my noticing but I'm thinking thats the only way it could have happened.



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Theres normally a white wear washer that sits between the handle and the top of the stem of the multiport valve.(just below the pin for the handle).that allows the handle to turn without wearing out the valve unit itself.... how it ended up in there is anyone's guess.

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Jul 7, 2014
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I have never seen anything inside the multiport except the spider gasket.

As you suspect, this washer sure looks like the one designed to go under the handle..

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