quick question about solar covers

We have a blue solar cover, we used it when it was too hot, but know its getting in the upper 90,s and today 100 do I still use it. I don't like the water too hot, and during the day the water can be 90. Also when going on vacaction for a week should I use it. I am thinking the hotter the water the better the conditions for algee.


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May 7, 2007
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Using an opaque cover while you are away is a great idea. The cover will help reduce chlorine consumption, and make it more likely that everything will still be fine when you get back.

There are mixed opinions about using a cover during the day on a hot day. Depending on a couple of things that are difficult to predict, you might be better off with it on or better of with it off.


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Jan 11, 2009
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Re. temps, if you take the cover off at night, the water should cool off more than if you leave it on. Assuming the air temp drops below the water temp (radiation/convection cooling as well as some evaporation). Same principle as people running solar panels at night to cool the water.

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