Quick question about 3 wires connected 2 Hayward superpump

May 14, 2010
Pittsburgh, PA
I just got my 1.5hp super pump repaired (bearings), and I'm about to hook it back up. I know that people are (and for good reason) reluctant to offer electrical advice for fear of what may happen if things go wrong, but this is a very basic wiring question (my apologies if my terminology is embarrassingly off) that I think can be answered here :

The three wires that are connected inside the motor ... with my filter, two are black wires that had the connectors (the type that slide slide into place on a contact) that are seen in my hand in the attached photo. There also is a green wire that has a connector that gets screwed in to the motor.

I marked the one black wire (seen in pic with blue tape) that was connected between the other two, and I wanted to make sure my recollection of how they are connected is correct. What I remember is:

* the black wire without the tape would slide on the contact pictured far left.
* the black wire that I identified as the "middle" one would slide over the upright second from left.
* The green wire would be screwed into the the spot with an empty hole that obviously is designed for a screw.

Does that seem right to you guys? I'm 99.5% sure but just would like some reassurance since I've never done this before.


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May 7, 2007
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Re: Quick question about 3 wires connected 2 Hayward superpu

Double check the wiring diagram on the motor. Motors vary a little.

The two black wires should connect to the two obvious copper colored terminals more or less in the middle of the picture (one with a screw and one without, both with posts that slip on connectors can be attached to. The green wire is going to connect to the chassis, there will be a screw provided but I'm not sure if it is visible in this picture, possibly the black screw on the right or the silver screw partially obscured by your finger. In any case the wiring diagram on the motor will show this more clearly than I can explain it.


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May 10, 2009
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Re: Quick question about 3 wires connected 2 Hayward superpu

Your green wire is supposed to be the ground, and as Jason stated, should be connected to a green screw on the chassis of the motor. The other two wires (black/white red) should be connected to the terminals label L1 and L2 (assuming you are using 230V ). For a 120V installation - the black wire goes to a hot connection and the white wire should go to a Neutral connection. But your picture is showing that the motor is set for 230V right now. As a check, if you have a multimeter, when you are powered up - L1 to ground and L2 to ground should be equal voltage and around 120V each, and L1-L2 should be about double that.
May 14, 2010
Pittsburgh, PA
Re: Quick question about 3 wires connected 2 Hayward superpu

Thanks, guys. I'd been so singleminded in thinking that the answer would be in the pump manual that I didn't even think to look at the schematic on the motor itself. Thanks, again — it's running like a champ!