Quick fix for loose coping and tiles


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May 15, 2017
Harleysville, PA
I have a loose stone on my coping and its being loose caused the tiles beneath it to fall off. I'm looking for a product or products to repair the damage. I'm having the coping and tile redone before next year's opening so I'm not looking for a permanent solution. Just something to hold everything together for the Summer; Preferrably something I can pick up at Lowes or HD. Would regular thinset and grout work for the tiles? Maybe some type of Quickrete product to keep the stone in place?

Thanks in advance!



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Jun 8, 2015
Houston, TX
Since your having a real fix nest season just use clear Silicone, apply set pull up again and reset. Any hardware store. 10.00 fix unless you need to buy a caulking gun. then its a 15.00 fix!!!