Questions regarding adding chlorine and a large quantity of salt to pool


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Oct 21, 2018
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We had a wetter than normal winter and all of the rain water severely depleted all of the salt in our pool. Its going to be a few days before I can get some salt into the pool so I'm going to be manually dosing our pool with liquid chlorine until then. I don't normally do this, so I have a few questions about how to add the chlorine and what I need to do when I add the salt:
1. How long do I need to run the pump after adding liquid chlorine before I can shut the pump off for the night? Would 30 minutes be long enough or do I need to run the pump for longer than that?
2. If my target FC level for my CYA is 4-6 ppm, should I add enough chlorine to get me to 6 ppm each evening, or should I add enough chlorine to get to 8 ppm, since I know I will lose at least 2 ppms of chlorine during the day?
3. If I need to add 8 bags of salt to my pool, should I add all 8 bags at once or should I add 4 bags one day and 4 bags the next day?
4. After adding this much salt, how long do I need to run the pump after adding it, and how long do I need to wait before turning the saltwater generator back on?
5. Since I need to bump up my CYA to 70, can I add the CYA at the same time as the salt or should I wait to add it after all of the salt has dissolved?


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May 3, 2014
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1. Typically 30 minutes is sufficient to circulate your pool water after adding chlorine.
2. Take your FC to the upper number of the Target level each evening.
3. Add the salt. Use your brush to mix it around. Be sure you test the salinity prior to adding. Add 2/3 of what you think you need then after running the pump and brushing test the salinity the next day to see how much you need to get to target.
4. I suggest at least 12 hours of run time after adding the final salt. If you have a main drain pull from that for awhile as the salt laden water lays on the bottom of the pool.
5. Best to wait until you have the SWCG operating and then raise your CYA to 70 ppm.
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