Questions on my first agp install


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Jun 24, 2018
Conde, SD
Hi all, first time poster, first time pool owner, been lurking for a few weeks, wow what a wealth of knowledge on this site!!

My wife and I decided a month ago that we'd like a pool, and after checking with our 2 local pool stores we had a massive case of sticker shock, but it was somewhat expected being as we live in South Dakota, not a lot of competition for them here.

After a lot of looking online we decided on a 27' Saltwater LX from the Pool Factory and I would do the install. I think I have a handle on the majority of how to do it, my main questions involve the base. I was planning on using 4"x8"x16" solid construction blocks under the legs, eps foam for the base, and a foam cove. The instructions are somewhat vague on the base, the way they read they don't use any sand once the pool walls are erected other than for a cove if not using a foam cove. Most videos I've watched all show the builders raising the floor with sand. So I am wondering with a unibead liner if I'll be able to use foam, or will it leave slack in the liner?

Thanks for any insight you can provide!!


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Jul 10, 2012
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That is a very good question! I THINK it will be fine as my liner had to stretch some to fit my pool. Another thing is you can make pavers level with the height of the foam so it will all be even. I hope this helps.
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