Questions on Day 5 of a SLAM


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Oct 21, 2018
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We are on Day 5 of a SLAM. Yesterday, I woke up to a pool that was finally clear and had CC of 0. During the day yesterday, everytime I tested the water CC was 0, so I did an OCLT last night. When I tested the water at 7 am this morning, we had lost 1 ppms of chlorine overnight and CC was 1.0. I assume this means that we need to continue the SLAM. I see a tiny bit of dead algae on the bottom of the pool. I've noticed that when I brush the floor, I see a cloud of either dirt or algae that quickly dissipates. I've scrubbed the walls numerous times and don't see any visible algae on the walls. I never put the ladder back in the pool since I've had trouble in the past with algae hiding in the ladder. I know that I need to vacuum, but I'm wondering if I could get away with not vacuuming to waste this time. I just hate to vacuum to waste because CYA is already below 30 now because of all of the backwashing, vacuuming and water additions. I'm also wondering if there would be any harm in using Dichlor for chlorine additions today to quickly bump up the CYA level to 30 (using pool math) since I have some on hand. CYA was at 30 at the beginning of the SLAM but it looks like it is below 30 now, if I am interpreting the test correctly. I'm worried that I'm going to have trouble killing off the remaining algae if I'm losing so much chlorine because of low CYA since I'm not going to be home all day to add chlorine.
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You should continue the SLAM if you are getting debris on the pool floor. You do not have to vac to waste, the filter should capture the debris. Please put what kind of filter you have in your signature. More detail on the pump, SWG, and heater would be nice too.

You can use dichlor if you wish. It is acidic so your pH and TA will be effected.
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