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Apr 19, 2020
Orlando, FL
Hi y’all, we are looking at getting a simple above ground pool. I’ve never owned any type of pool before so I’m a complete novice.
I’ve been looking at the 16’ x 48” Bestway. Is this a good choice?
We live in Orlando FL and have grass in our backyard. Can I just throw down a tarp and set the pool up on top? I saw other people talking about sand and pavers or digging a hole and got scared lol. Explain it all to me like I’m a child. Thanks.

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Bestway, like Intex and Coleman, sell several good entry-level pools. Something for you to learn from and still enjoy the summer. With AGPs, there is some ground prep required. Most important, the ground must be level to within about 1 inch all around the pool base. People often place pads or other materials to prevent grass/weeds from trying to grow though. In addition it helps to protect from sharp rocks. The poles around the pool support the structure and are usually placed on paver stones as a solid base.

That's just a start. Visit our Above Ground Pool forum and do a little searching. You find all kinds of threads on builds and est practices.
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Sep 27, 2012
Medicine Hat, Alberta
Ground prep is the key to Temporary Aboveground Pools. 16 x 48 is a nice size, price over manufacturer on low end TAGP's. If you get hooked oversize your upgrade equipment...I started with a 12 x 30 intex bubble top now I use the same 24" sand filter on my larger pool, pumps come and go, solar panels you can always pipe in more, pool solar covers = priceless