Questions before closing with polyquat tomorrow


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Apr 23, 2018
I'm supposed to close tomorrow afternoon and my FC has already drifted down to 2 ppms above my normal chlorine level after shocking 3 days ago. It is going to be unseasonably warm today and sunny so I'm concerned FC will drop down below my normal chlorine level if I don't add some chlorine today. I just need some advice on how much chlorine to add. Should I increase the chlorine level back up to half shock level? Or do I increase the chlorine level so it is somewhere in between shock level and normal FC level so FC is slightly above my normal chlorine level when the polyquat is added to my pool tonight? I also need to know what the best way is to add polyquat to a pool. Do I just pour it around the perimeter of the pool and brush afterwards, or does it need to applied to the deep end near the return, and then brush afterwards? I'm nervous about closing since my water temperature isn't below 60 yet so I want to make sure I apply the polyquat correctly.