Questions about TA and PH


May 27, 2012
Still pretty new here... We are dealing with a high TA. TA started out at 210 with PH of 7.5 so and I added 32 oz of MA. Next TA was 160 and PH was 7.2 and I added 32 oz of MA. Then TA was 160 and PH was 7.5 so we added 32 oz of MA. Finally, TA went down to 130 and PH was 6.8. Since the PH dropped to 6.8, I added 55 oz of washing soda. Thought we were making progress but tonight's test shows TA 180 and PH 7.5.

I suppose I could have screwed up the TA test or something but I did not expect the TA to go back up that high again. Did the washing soda cause the TA to rise? Would having the solar cover on at night have anything to do with it?

I want to add 64 oz of MA tonight to bring PH down to 7.0. And I am thinking that I should not do anything chemically to raise the PH back up after the MA does it's thing. I am assuming it will come back up on it's own. Am I on the right path?

Here are my full test results:

PH 7.5
TA 180
FC 2.5 (will add 36 oz bleach)
CC .5
CYA 20ish (added CYA Sunday...still trying to raise a little)



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You are fighting a losing battle trying to lower TA with muriatic acid.

You must use a process that involves both muriatic acid and aeration. The article is in Pool School.