Questions about replacing halogen lights to LED


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May 1, 2020

The halogen lights went out in my pool and spa (which are 10+ years old) so I am looking into replacing them with LED. I've done some googling but still cannot not decide
if I should go ahead with LED. The safety, brightness, and long-term cost of replacing the lights are my priorities in making the decision. We do not use the lights that much
so cost of the electricity is a moot point.

First, I was quoted ~$500/piece to replace with the similar halogen lights. They are old, so the fixtures need to be replaced. Can just the halogen bulb be replaced in the future
and not the whole fixture?

I was quoted ~$1000/piece to replace with 12V LED lights. With LED, if it goes out I could just replace the bulb and not the whole light. But, then, it looks to me that some LED lights
come as a sealed fixtures that would need to be replaced as a whole. It's hard to see from the manufacturers' description if the LED lights are sealed or have bulbs, it's confusing.

Then, if I do decide with LED, should I go with 120V or 12V lights? Many opinions here, like improperly installed both are as dangerous, if installed properly both are equally safe.

Any other thoughts?



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Jul 21, 2013
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You don't mention any specific brand and model lights you have or are considering so it is difficult commenting.

You understand the tradeoff. You put your money down and take your chances.
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