questions about baqua/cholrine convertion


Apr 27, 2012
Hi!! I too am wanting to convert to cholrine. Our 17000 gallon pool has only been open 4 weeks.. and I have spent a whopping 300 dollers on chemicals with baqua. My question is: how long will my pool be out of service durring the conversion?? And how much will I spend on the convertion
I have a 27ft ag pool. With a 1hp sand pump combo. 17000 gallons..and vinal liner

We are strapped for money this I'm wondering if I should just wait until next season to convert...
Any advice at all will help me...


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May 7, 2007
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Both the time and expense vary quite a bit. A conversion can run anywhere from a week to a month, much of that depending on how much time you have to pay attention to the pool, and costs can be $150 to $350 or so, less if you already have a suitable test kit.

I recommend converting, but it is a major project. The time to convert and the not swimming time are significant. However, I believe you will save money for the season by converting now, rather than later.


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May 10, 2012
FYI I am as of today .... 7 days into my conversion, and I believe I will be completely done by no later than Wed, for a total of 10 days.

I'm a newbie but my guess length of conversion process will depend on several factors including (but not limited to?)

- size of my pool
- what kind of shape it was in BEFORE I started (I had "healthy" baqua levels to begin with, but had to get my pH up to target level, bout 1-2 days)
- the fact that I fill my pool up at least 25% each year (effectively adding new water each year)
- how consistently I was able maintain 15 ppm of FC in my pool (I only maintained this on 1 FULL day in the last 7 days because I work away from home during the day, but EVERY night it was at 15 ppm at the least) until you reach "step 7"
- other?