Questiong about PUCKS


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Sep 20, 2007
Not sure where to post this especially because it's about the chlorine PUCK tabs that I should be weaned off of because of the BBB method but ... . I still do 'cheat' because when my cya gets too high I have the option to drain our AGP.

So, the question is this ... how much do 3 inch pucks usually WEIGH? I can't get an answer from the POOL STORE and they sell the tubs of these by the WEIGHT and I want to know approx. how many pucks are in a bucket of them. I was thinking I could better judge the costs if I could figure how many I'm buying at a time.

Then I wondered ... Are some pucks heavier than others? I would think a heavier puck might last longer than a lighter one and that maybe there is a difference in a cheaper brand (walmart) over a pool store brand if there is a difference and so there's not a savings on buying the cheaper brand if they don't last as long.

Any ideas?



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Jul 14, 2011
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I think the 3" pucks usually weigh 7 or 8 oz.

You buy them by the pound, not by the number of pucks you are getting. So, it shouldn't matter if a certain brand of puck weighs more than another brand. Just compare the $/lb. of each brand.


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Jul 21, 2011
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I think they all differ in weight...but many are around 7-8 ounces each.

In the swim 3" pucks
3" Chlorine Tabs weigh 7 oz. each and are slow-dissolving

Leslie's 3" pucks...
8 oz. individually-wrapped tablets