Question water level for closing AGP in Minnesota

David Link

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Sep 25, 2018
We have a 18' AGP and I have question regarding the proper water level when closing for the winter. As we all know Minnesota is known for cold winters. I have multiple people tell me different answers regarding the water level. Is it recommend to lower the water level below the skimmer and return or can you just lower it below the skimmer and plug the return? We do cover the pool with a solid winter cover.



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Mar 17, 2015
Cedar Falls, Iowa
I do as posted above by KimKats .
I do though plug return and cover plate the skimmer, with all the snow and freezing winter rain we can get up until spring, usually water level will be over return level and mid way up skimmer opening, but then I don't cover the pool at all, way too much work in the past removing snow drifts off cover after every snow fall, but don't have any trees that close to drop leaves into it. I usually close around 3rd week in October, that's when water temp stays below 60 but this year looks like it might happen next week already.

I also put a plastic water bottle, half filled with RV coolant into the skimmer, I have noticed once while checking in the winter, some water was in it and frozen, not plugged, as not able to drain out lower opening but worried me it might . Those skimmer plate covers are not 100% going to stop seepage of water if the level gets that high from rain / snow
I would lower below return 6 inches, what's a little more water and not have to worry.

And just a little more info, I also store sand filter indoors now with the other equipment , they never really dry out no matter how long you drain it.
Mine was only 3 years old and next spring when opening pool, started pump and it split on the side, not sure if defective tank or just moisture residual froze in it, I did have the port valve off and opening very well covered.


Aug 19, 2015
Maple Lake, MN
We live in the country in MN. With the freeze we get here we always put our water level at LEAST 6 inches below the water inlet eye. Last year our deck and pool wall had a slight frost heave, and with the water thaw and refreeze we had we decided this year we are going down 8 inches. The pool store recommended this as well due to the wet fall we've had. We are not going to cover ours either as we get so much wind out here, suggested by the pool store as well. But if you are in an area where that is not a problem, I would put in inter tube in it tied to the center, and cover it. We always just put a little water on ours. Let me know if you have more questions! Not looking forward to that yucky winter!
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