Question regarding vinyl pool cover possible chemical damage


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Mar 7, 2017
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Hello all, I have an rectangular in-ground pool that I manage myself, chemicals and cleaning. Back in October 2014 I had a company replace my automatic vinyl pool cover for me; all went well. They stated that per OSHA rules/regulations, A crease/fold was created straight down the cover from end-to-end. They said that right at about 2 years, they would return to re-pin the cover etc.

So its been 2 years; they returned only to tell me that my cover has significant chemical damage to it, as what they say is evidenced by looking at the underside of the cover (the side in contact with the pool water). They proceeded to tell me that they are not liable for replacing the cover due to this chemical damage by me, and that there are too many small holes in the cover to repair with vinyl patching.

Here are my questions:

1. Are there actual OSHA guidelines stating that RESIDENTIAL automatic vinyl pool covers have to have this crease going the the middle of the cover? I cannot find any such rules regarding this. I had a bad feeling the minute they did that, that it was going to be a source of damage to my cover (summers are hot, winters are cold etc).

2. I asked them to just re-pin the cover and patch the holes, because I cannot afford to purchase another vinyl cover just after having this one on for only 2 years. They told me that its "not time to re-pin the cover", and they didn't offer a good explanation as to why its not time. Any idea how they gauge when its time?

3. I checked the cover this morning. I have 4-5 small pin holes on my cover (along the length of the crease of course). Can't those just be patched up?

4. I am very vigilant about the chemistry of my pool and check it once per week year round (Choline PPM, pH, Cyanuric acid..etc). I have never poured excess acid or have shocked the pool and then placed the cover back immediately. In fact, for the past 2 years I have only shocked my pool 6 times (june/july/august of 2015 and 2016)

5. I honestly feel robbed/screwed over by a company that doesn't want to assist an honest customer.

6. Traditional pool here (not salt water); keep pump running year round, except at night; vinyl cover always on when not in use.

7. The rest of the cover is fine, so I don't see how chemicals can be the cause. It's that dang crease going down the middle, combined with the hot/cold climates that I feel was the culprit.

Can anyone offer any insight/thoughts/opinions?




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Jun 7, 2011
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My strong personal opinion is that Residential and maybe even commercial pools would not fall under OSHA. Not beyond people working on them. They would not have regulations regarding pools or covers that would apply to the pool owner. I could be wrong, but will gladly eat my words if someone can prove me wrong. Further, I don't doubt you, and doubt pictures would change my mind, but I'm not buying chemical degradation of the cover.