Question regarding using HTH stabilizer pods during a SLAM


Oct 17, 2018
Southern Kentucky
I'm starting a slam today since my pool is full of algae at opening. CYA is 0 so I have to increase it during the slam. The only CYA they had in my local store were these HTH stabilizer pods. Reviews online say they dissolve quickly. Since I'm going to have to backwash often during the slam, should I put these pods in a sock so the cya won't get trapped into the filter as quickly? I don't want to put my hands in the dirty water to squeeze the sock though so I'd like to use them without the sock if it is going to require me to squeeze it periodically to get it into the water fast enough.


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Jun 12, 2009
NW Ohio
The reviews showcase the issues with online reviews: there's no requirement the reviewer actually know what they are talking about.

The CYA in the pods is the same as the CYA in a container. What dissolves quickly is the pod, which releases the CYA granules in to the filter. If you are backwashing often then you can't just put them in your skimmer or you will lose the undissolved CYA during backwash. You'll have to put them in a sock.