Question re Coping around a Spa


Jun 1, 2016
dallas, tx
I've noticed in many spas that I've been in, the coping around the spa mimics the coping around the pool in that it hangs over the edge about an inch or so. So basically the coping sticks out over the wall and pokes you in the back when you're sitting in the spa and leaning against the wall. It seems like it would be better to make the coping line up with the wall so it's more comfortable to sit in the spa. Is there a reason to do it one way or the other?


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Jul 24, 2015
Central Valley CA
In a spa that is not contoured to be a body conforming seat most people don't push their back against the wall they sit out it the water at least a couple of inches so the lip does have much of an effect. Having the cantilever does hide the expansion joint between the coping and the spa/pool but beyond that I don't believe there is any structural reason for it so it may come down to personal preference.


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Jul 19, 2015
Frederick County, MD
Put "rolled edge spa" into the search box above and have a look at that style too in the threads that come up. Removes the "sticking out coping" issue.
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