Question on winterizing a Saltwater pool



First lots of great information here...spent hours just reading, Great Site!

I haven't come across any postings stating any differences between winterizing a chlorine or SWG pool.
Do I use the same winterizing kit and/or need anything special?
Our pool was built this summer and am I always wrestling with I need to add anything for that when closing.

Went to my local pool store...but was not impressed with the service, price and technical guidance.

Located in MD

27k gallons
bio-guard mineral springs SWG

thanks, AL


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May 7, 2007
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You don't need to do anything special because of the SWG, just close as you would any other pool.

With fresh plaster you should wait till the water is fairly cold, below 60 degrees for sure, below 50 if you can manage it, and make sure the PH is on the low side, between 7.0 and 7.4, when you close.


thanks for the info...

another question...may be a dumb one but I figure better to ask than have something go worng.

My bottom drain will have water in it during the winter, which I assume is normal, do I try and put antifreeze in the line or is it deep enough not to freeze?


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We have a 16 x 33 foot kidney shape vinyl in ground with salt and I never blow out the main drain. Our lines in the ground are all flex pipe and as long as there is nothing blocking the lines when it comes time for the water to freeze it will expand up into the pipe that is open at one end and the other end is full of water which the ice will push it back into the bottom of the pool which will not be frozen.
I use 5/8's backer rod in all of my returns pushed in about 2 feet and past any elbows that might be in there in our case there is none. The only line that I have to empty is for a deck jet and all I do for that is blow it out by mouth then cap the deck jet with a threaded plastic cap.
I do not waste my money on winterizing chemicals as I found that the longer I wait to close the better. Let me explain, if the pool is covered and the water and air temperature is warm I am sure that bacteria is going to grow with no circulation or filtration. So once the temperature of the water is down to 40 degrees thats when I close the pool and that way the bacteria is not going to grow because of the temp. of the water. I open with the same thing in mind so when the nights are not below freezing I open the pool and run the pump. I have never had green water when opening just a lot of dirt in the bottom of the pool from the snow and wind blowing under the safety cover.
As for our skimmer, I take a plastic orange juice jug (a big one) and fill it half way with rocks and put the lid back on it and set it in the skimmer. My main drain is not connected to the skimmer so with only one pipe connected I stick the backer rod down 2 feet as well.
Sorry for the long winded reply, but I am just trying to share my experiences that I have had over the years and spending money when its not needed is the biggest thing that I have learned.