Question on upgrading from PDA to iAqualink


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Jul 7, 2012
Las Vegas
I have the Aqualink PDA system which I have it set to control my pool, spa, heater, lights, waterfall, deck jets and gas fire feature. If I upgrade to the iAqualink, will I have to reprogram all the features and valves? I’m guessing yes since it will require changing the least I think I need a new board iQ900-PDA. Can anyone who has done this upgrade give feedback on the complexity?
My PDA shows the below on boot-up.
Handheld 3.0
JBOX 4.0D55A44C8-7AD9-482F-BA91-C201738153B6.jpeg


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Jun 7, 2017
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I did this exact thing. Yes, you will have to totally reprogram. The board takes 10 minutes to install and the instructions that come with it tell you what to record before the board swap.

FYI: You need IQ20-RS to upgrade NOT IQ20-A!! 20A is USELESS!