Question on replacing air relief valve for my filter


Feb 24, 2013
Hi guys, I am trying to fix the air leak that are on top of my filter. After some investigation, I noticed that air is leaking out of my pressure gauge as soon as the pump is turned off. But with my filter being an really old model, I have not been able to find the suitable replacement for my air relief valve. Therefore, I am wondering if any of you ever had an air relief valve like this and what you used to replace it.

Any suggestion/advice is welcomed. Thanks so much!



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Apr 1, 2007
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Unscrew that base pipe that is screwed into your filter body and take it to Home depot or, better yet, a pool store and get the whole assembly replaced. Lot's of ways to get a new one.....that one looks home made.

Or you can simply unscrew the gauge and replace it.


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Jul 13, 2012
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I have a similar Tank to yours, an older Nautilus Tank, and had previously been using the same type of Bleed Valve.

I had problems with the original Bleed Valve not completely closing, allowing some water to drip from the valve outlet.

I installed a Mini Ball Valve & some 3/8" OD Vinyl Tubing to replace the original Bleed Valve. Here's a couple of links from the online Lowe's store:

Shop Kobalt NPT Mini Ball Valve 1/4-in at

Shop EASTMAN 3/8-in x 20-ft PVC Clear Vinyl Tubing at

I bought a Parker 169P-6-4 Male Elbow fitting (see picture) to install the parts. I wanted to use some tubing to route the air/water bleed output into a bucket away from my house wall when I have more air/water to bleed from the Filter Tank in the event of more involved maintenance procedures.

If you want to replace your valve with the same kind, they're available on the 'net at Amazon & other locations. Here's a Home Depot link:|THD|google|&mid=sGGzTBmKX|dc_mtid_8903tb925190_pcrid_111416414825_pkw__pmt__product_202592885_slid_&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI-JGbq5qG0wIVlIR-Ch0_RglXEAQYAyABEgLJh_D_BwE


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