Question on Borates


Mar 6, 2018
Columbia SC goes, and I hope this makes sense. When considering adding Borates to the pool, and shooting for the 30-50ppm range; since we are also using Borax as our PH increasing agent, does the Borate from that addition of Borax slowly build up and increase the Borates in the pool? If you have the Borates in the place you want them, will they slowly get "out of wack" and into the high range? Or does it precipitate out over time, or get diluted by rain water etc.



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Jun 12, 2009
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I suppose it could, in theory. This would only be a problem in a pool where acid is being introduced regularly, either by regularly topping off with an acidic water source or by chlorinating with trichlor tablets. If the latter then CYA is going to build up to unacceptable levels faster than borates so a partial drain will be required anyway.

Either way if constant pH drop is a problem then raising the TA level will help offset it, as will the borates you are adding. It really should not be an issue.


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Mar 2, 2011
The pH usually only drops when one is using trichlor tabs. When using trichlor, careful monitoring of the CYA is important to prevent overstabilization.