Question on bonding pool with resin bottom and top rail, but metal uprights and wall.

Apr 18, 2012
I have searched and couldn't find anything only a post about bonding a Sharkline Matrix that has only metal walls. My Saltwater LX is different as it has resin top and bottom rail with metal uprights and metal wall. I am unsure how to bond besides running wire to each one of the 14 legs to a wire halo surrounding the pool. I can bond the wall where the stainless steel service panel is and was planning on bonding the water with a waterbug, just not sure about the leg issue.

Thanks in advance


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Apr 29, 2016
Quaker Hill, CT
In your case I would use one of the bolts where the wall is bolted together as you bond point. You could also bond to a few of the uprights around the pool spaced out equally but you don't need to get each one.


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Apr 2, 2016
Hillbillyville, MO
I have the same pool. We started at the pump, then to the water, then to four metal uprights evenly spaced around the pool. I believe we kept the wire buried 18 inches from the pool. Sounds like you plan the same. Worked great until we built a free floating deck that gives us a tiny static shock intermittently...,but that is another story...

Cap'n Hook

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Aug 14, 2015
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My plan is to bond directly to the wall under the cove area with a self taping screw covered with gorilla tape. The 6-8" high cove required by my pool manufacturer should insure the liner NEVER comes into contact with the screw head.