Question for negative edge spa owners


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Jul 6, 2015
Long Island City, NY
I am in the process of designing a pool for our new house. We like the look of a negative edge spa like the picture below (downloaded from internet). My concern is my inlays who visit quite often. They are getting older and can't move the way they use to.

For the owners of these spas: Is it difficult to get in and out of the spa? Will the slope on the edge of the spa make it difficult for an older person to sit down and then turn themselves around?



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Jul 12, 2014
New England - MA
Mine is a reverse negative edge spa that sits inside the pool.

Your pic is of a raised spa so I assume the entry is a little different. For me I just step down into the spa off the coping. The slope on my edge is 2" over a foot. I was originally going to do 1" over a foot but changed it on Gunite day because it looked too flat for my liking.

With my 2" slope it would be very easy to sit on the slopes edge and turn yourself around without any problems.