Question after Acid Washing

Dec 28, 2015
I did read the old posts/ threads but did not get exactly what I wanted. I have a 1.5 year old pool with splotchy wet edge pebble surface. Pool company performed a drain and acid wash under warranty and now that looks better. Refilled on Thursday with city water, ran filter pump and cleaner added 2 gallons of chlorine and 6 pounds of CYA. Tested yesterday (results below) and added 2 pounds of CYA, 1 gallon of bleach, 6 pound of sodium carbonate, and 160 pounds of salt (SMG off). Hard unexpected rain last night. Now I don't know where to head, keep using bleach as my FC went to 0 (rechecked) or attempt to put my 500 # of salt and start SWG, or maybe even chlorine tabs (really don't want to do this)?
20000 gallon pool

last night
TA 130
pH 7.0
FC 2
CH 220
CC- not checked

TA 170
pH >8
FC 0
CH 200
CC- could not assess with taylor kit
CYA- 50
Salt- 200

Thoughts to add bleach today, muratic acid today, CYA today. Agree / disagree / suggestions?


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Jan 4, 2016
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Welcome to TFP! Good to have you here :)

I recommend Pool School (button above), so you can benefit from a thorough understanding of Trouble Free Pool Care (TFPC). I gained a lot from the thread linked in my signature as well: TFPC for Beginners. The ABCs of Water Chemistry is also highly recommended reading.

I would raise the FC to 6 to 8 ppm right away, which is the your target per the FC/CYA chart, also linked in my signature. That's the top priority.

Whenever you see pH above 7.8 (greater than 7.8); drop it down to 7.4 with muriatic acid which will gradually get rid of the excess TA. We can revisit CH after TA comes down. Here are the recommended chemical levels: Pool School - Recommended Levels and until the SWG is turned on, use 'Plaster' 'with Bleach'. No more CYA is needed until the SWG is in use, and also it's a good idea to wait a couple days after an addition of CYA, before testing it. 24 hours for salt is usually enough, but CYA can take a bit longer.