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Oct 11, 2016
Thanks to the great advice from this forum I have been able to maintain a crystal clear pool. I did have a question involving running water features (beach entrance bubblers, water sheers), spa jets ect. How often do you guys run your water features (days a week and length of time)to make sure water does not get to stagnant in them. I mainly ask because I don't want any issues with algae. Also in our beach entrance we have 2 umbrella sleeves. Do you guys leave the covers on them or keep them open to make sure you get more water circulation. Thanks again for everything!


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Jul 10, 2012
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Most of the people that have this kind of thing run their features at least once a day for about 15 mins during the summer. For the umbrella holes I would (just going by gut on this) get a turkey baster and squirt some chlorine down into them once a week or so just because it would make me feel good!



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May 3, 2007
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I never run my spa jets, which are on a separate loop from the spa returns, unless someone is using the spa so maybe every couple of weeks. However, the spa still gets chlorinated through the spa returns, just not the jets directly. I have never had an issue with algae so I think chlorine will still get to the areas where algae can grow in and around the jet exterior fittings as well as some of the inner parts and the parts where chlorine can't get to are unlikely to grow algae anyway (i.e. no light) not to mention any algae and bacteria has to travel through the pool first to get to those locations so as long as the FC in the pool is sufficient, they will die before anything gets to those locations. Given my own experience, I think you could go at least a week between runs.


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Apr 19, 2013
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My waterfall has a small basin at the top that can get interesting so I try and run the waterfall once a week or so during the summer. If it goes for too long I get a brown plume of dirt and leaves in the pool

I put an umbrella in the sleeve in May and remove in October. The rest of the year its open. I knew where that cap was at one time darn.
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