Question about using foam insulation under liner


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Apr 18, 2011
Hi! I have put up my Intex 12' X 36" pool for the past three years on the leveled ground with a layer of sand, a tarp, then the pool. Although I haven't had anything rip through, I found several rocky soil places that bothered me last year and had me worried all summer.

This year I am wanting to do a layer of foam insulation under the tarp, but (and this may sound like a dumb question) I'm not sure about the position of the pool legs when I do this. Do I just have the insulation under the actual liner part but on the inside of the support legs, or do I put the insulation, then the tarp down and put the legs on top of the insulation and tarp as well? I'm just wondering if having the layer of insulation under the liner with the legs on the outside would work, since then the liner would be raised slightly from the support legs. But then again, I would imagine the legs would sink down if they were set on top of the insulation anyways.

Hope my question makes sense!

12'X36" Intex Frame Set, 1000 gph pump, Type A cartridge filter
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Aug 1, 2008
Mendota Heights, MN
If possible try and put the legs on a paver and have the top of the paver and the foam level. If not possible, the 1st year that I used foam under my pool with legs, the legs sat on the foam and only dented it maybe 1/2 inch.