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Jul 16, 2020
Hi everyone, we just put in our pool and I am going to install speakers around the pool. I have a question about the placement of the speakers when it comes to stereo/mono. The current plan is to put 8 speakers and 2 in-ground subs. I am using 2 sets of these Monoprice Sycamore Outdoor 2.1 Speaker System with 8-inch Subwoofer and 2.5-inch Satellites (3 piece) - running from this amp Crown XLi 1500. I will also be using a 300 watt volume control. My question is how should I install the speakers when it comes to R and L. Should I just alternate R and L around the pool or should I just make them all mono? Something inside me is saying mono is bad but I am wondering if I will actually hear any imaging with it being placed R and L. They will be spaced about 8-10 feet apart. Also, any ideas on the best place to install the subs? Should they be on the long ends or narrow sides of the pool? It is in a pretty open space so there is no objects to reflect more/less bass in areas. Curious if anyone has done this and how they have it run. Thanks!


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Jul 21, 2013
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I would alternate R & L. The imaging you hear will depend on where you are relative to a pair.

I have 8 speakers alternating R & L. If you don't crank up the volume too much you tend to hear the sound from the speakers near you and not the other ones.

I don't have subs to comment on their placement.
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