Question about non-safety pool cover


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May 13, 2010
Western Piedmont, NC
Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone has (or knows where to order) a non-safety cover for an inground rectangle pool with steps. I could have sworn I found a site that offers these, earlier in the year, but now I can't find them again. Everywhere I've looked, the only "with steps" covers they offer are for safety covers.

Thanks in advance!


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May 20, 2007
South Central NJ
Sounds like you are looking for a tarp cover or aka a water bag cover. They com in rectangles and should be 5' longer and 5' wider than the longest length and width. They get ringed with water bags that are about 75% full of water. Corners get folded under but not closer than 2-1/2 feet to the edge of the pool if it's a free form, Grecian, Roman, or jeweled end. Dog Leg and True L shaped need to be 7-1/2 feet longer than the outside edge as this allows for a 90 degree pivoting fold of the cover. Any pool store can get them if they don't stock them.

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