Question About My Numbers


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Apr 10, 2010
Western North Carolina
Month old pool - "city" water filled. Here are my numbers from last night.

CL - 5
CC - 0
TA - 40
CH - 20
CYA - 50
PH - 7.2

24' AGP - 13,500 gal. Vinyl Liner

CL - On target. Adding about 2 to 2.5 qts. per night
CH - (20) With the vinyl liner, am I O.K.?
CYA - Did the sock in front of the return trick - staying on target.
PH - Low because of 4 inches of rain drain off. It has been staying at 7.5.
TA - This is my questionable one. TA is low. Pool Cal. says add 127 oz. of baking soda. I read this will raise my PH some so I have held off adding Borax. What does adding baking soda do for the water? I've read the it will help me stabilize my PH but it has been stable except for rain.

Do I really need to get the TA up or am I missing something?

Thanks for the help!


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May 7, 2007
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Definitely raise the TA level at least a little. You don't want TA below 60 (unless you are using borates).

Your CH level is fine, as are your other levels. If PH goes down any further you should raise it, but it will probably go up slowly on it's own.

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