Question about how to hook up solar to stock intex 28633EG pump and hoses


Apr 6, 2020
Sarasota, FL
Hi all, new to these forums. I recently purchased an Intex Easy Set 12'x30" pool. The stock pump that came with it is trash so I replaced it with an Intex 28633EG. I have the dual inlet/one return setup on my pool. Currently, I have two 1.25" hoses, each hooked up to an inlet port, then combined at the stock intex "T" adapter, which then goes to an intex above ground plunger valve, then to an intex Hose Conversion Adapter 25009. Thats where I have my 1.5" hose that came with the new pump, which goes to the pump/filter. The return is the stock 1.5" hose, running to another Intex hose conversion adapter 25009, then to a plunger value and then to the return nozzle.

Im planning on adding a solar setup using 250' of irrigation hose in a coil. I know it needs to be hooked up to the return hose somehow, and I have done extensive reading on the subject. However, even after reading probably 50+ threads and DIY guides, I still have no idea what specific parts to purchase in order to divert part of the water from the 1.5" return hose, and then back to the 1.5" return hose after passing through the 250' of irrigation hose for the heater. If anyone can help me compile a parts list for how best to effectuate this project, I would greatly appreciate it.

I know that I will need to replace the 1.5" stock intex return hose, but I have no idea how to hook up a non-intex hose to the intex fittings. I also know that I will need a T junction with a "ball valve"(sp?) on it to divert part of the water from the 1.5" return hose to the 250' of irrigation hose. Then I will need another T junction to return the hot water back to the return hose. I am very inexperienced with these types of projects and any help would be appreciated.


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Feb 18, 2018
Northwest GA
Can you return the water to pool via it's own hose? I did a bunch of research too before attaching my solar up, and I don't recall seeing the water from the solar to pool being attached to the same pool return. I suppose there has to be a way, so hopefully someone else will chime in with experience. If you don't find what you need, keep in mind that you can return it straight from the solar to pool using it's own hose (that's what I did). Good luck

Brett S

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Mar 15, 2019
I used these adapters to convert my intex 1.5” hoses to standard 1.5” PVC...

You should be able to use something like that. Once you have it connected to standard 1.5” PVC then you should be able to get whatever fittings you need at your local hardware store to connect it to your hose.


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i have another return that comes to the pool with that has a pvc ball valve that controls the flow. too much flow and it will not be hot enough. you have to T off the return and go to irrigation. they do make the adapter to go from PVC to irrigation. this is the way i did mine. then from your irrigation pipe just get a couple of 90 degrees to have the heated water hang over the side of your pool.