Question about brand new Pentair Superflo VST


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Jun 15, 2020

I just moved into a house that had a 5 year old single speed pump so today I had a new Pentair VS pump installed. The pump seems to be working well but I noticed that at any RPM lower than 1750 it will not trigger chlorine generation out of my IC 40 SWG. I played around with the speed for a while and any time I set it under 1750 the flow light on the SWG turns red.

I assume this means that if I want to generate chlorine, I can never have the pump set below 1750? I will need to adjust the default schedule and play around with it. The reason I ask is because I saw a lot of posts of people saying they keep it at at least 1200 for the SWG to work, but I suppose our equipment and infrastructure is different. I appreciate your input.



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May 3, 2014
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The Superflo is a 1.5hp pump. So you will need more rpm than those with 3 hp VS pumps, like the Intelliflo, that can run at 1200 rpm or so.
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