Quartzscapes vs. Pebble Fina, is it worth the Upgrade to PT?


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Apr 25, 2016
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We're about to sign a contract, and the PB that will be doing coping and tile prefers fiberglass (he does a lot of commercial work). He also offers Quartzscapes by NPT. We had boiled it down to the first guy doing coping and tile, and having the only PebbleTec (PT) builder come in and do a Pebble Fina finish. The cost is about 5k more for the PT PB to do the resurfacing.

We've checked references for the PT vendor (Gardner in SD) and have gotten nothing but good feedback, but also have good feedback from the PB that is doing the coping/tile, but mostly for his fiberglass pools. We're now hesitating on committing to the PT vs. Quartzscapes, not only is Quartzscape cheaper, but I've read reviews that say the PT Pebble Fina is essentially the same as quartzscape in quality and durability.

I'm aware that the ability of the PB is a paramount concern, especially since we're going with a dark color (Midnight blue or Sapphire Galaxy), but we have a good feeling about both PB's, and are questioning the allegiance to the PT vendor when using a non-pebble product.

Anyone have an opinion or another issue that I'm overlooking?



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Upside down pic brought to you by Apple. :)

Pebbletec trains and certifies their installers. They will also intervene and assist in the event that there is a warranty claim, problems or issues with your finish. Up to and including chipping it out and installing a new finish if it comes down to it to make it right.

Quartzscapes is a good product also and lots of people on TFP have it and are happy with it.
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