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Mar 22, 2020
Topeka KS
We will be opening our pool for the first time this week (well the contractor who built it will be). I’ve read all about SWG and chemicals to use here on TFP, but I’m wondering what quantity to have on hand since running to the store will be more difficult this year with COVID restrictions. Any suggestions on the quantity to keep on hand for a 35K gal SWG pool?

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Welcome! :wave: Since you have a new salt pool, is it past the 30-day break-in period before starting the SWG? If so, then you'll want to ensure you have the required amount of salt. The water should also be at least 60 degrees for the SWG to operate. If the water is still cold, or you're still within 30 days of build completion, you'll use regular bleach (pool chlorine) to increase and maintain the proper FC level as noted on the FC/CYA Chart. Make sure to let the pump run and mix the water for a good 30 min before taking your first water sample for test with your TF-100.

With an SWG, about the only thing you may need right away is some muriatic acid (control the pH) which stores just fine outside somewhere in a safe place/container. I would get 2 gallons for now. You might get a couple gallons of regular bleach just in case the SWG can't be used right away. That's about it until you run all your tests.
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Apr 1, 2007
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The best place to start would be with a complete set of test results from your TF-100 when the pool is maybe half-full or so. Post those up and then we can advise on what chem adjustments you may or may not need. Nothing to stockpile until we find out what you need. Most alway acid but test results will tell us that.
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Oct 25, 2015
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Welcome to TFP and congrats on your new pool! Looks like you've made some great choices on the equipment and your gonna love your salt pool!

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Dec 13, 2018
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We have a SWG and the only chemicals we stockpile are muriatic acid. Basically, we buy a 2-pack at Lowe’s. When we open the last jug, we go out and buy another 2. We have the aeration by the SWG and a couple of fountain bowls, so our pH is always climbing. We probably use 13oz. every 2-3 days.
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