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May 2, 2021
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Q1. This is probably a really dumb question... in the Pool Math app, I see that you can add Bleach , but I don't see where you can add Liquid Chlorine? Is that because you would still select Bleach and just change the "Bleach Chlorine %" number to 12.5% or whatever is on the label? Sorry for such a dumb question.

Q2. Also, in the Pool Math app, how much am I going to get screwed up if I don't know the exact size of my pool in gallons? I'm 98% sure it's between 30,000-34,000 gallons but I'm not absolutely sure of the "exact" number. It's not easily measured as it's not a standard shape, and it has waterfalls, a disappeared edge, another sitting/spa area, slide, etc. I set my Pool Math app to 32,000 gallons, so if I'm +/- 2,000 gallons on the "actual" size, I'm guessing the apps calculations might be "off" about 7-8% or so? How horrible is this in the grand scheme of things relating to my future water-testing and values, etc. with the app? (I don't have any of the original pool designer as-builts or anything that allow me to calculate the overall volume in gallons other than when I had it filled a few weeks ago, it took (6) 5,000 gallon tankers, and then I still had to add another 1,500 gallons or so myself after that)

Thanks for any help.


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Jun 8, 2019
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Yes, liquid chlorine is the same as bleach.

Being off by a little won’t make a huge difference. If chem additions always seem to not do enough, know your pool is bigger than you expected - likewise if they seem to do too much, then it’s smaller than you think. You can hone in on it.

There’s a way to measure chemically as well if you really want to know.


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Jan 17, 2012
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1) Same thing... "bleach" tends to be the 6-8% strength stuff, while Liquid Chlorine tends to be 10-12% strength stuff. Just use "bleach" option and input your actual strength.

2) I'd start at 30k..... add your liquid chlorine or acid if needed to that pool volume. Check in 30" to see if you met your goal? If not, the pool is probably bigger, if too high the pool is smaller. You can tweak it that way with a few times tests.

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