PVC Socket Saver Really Work?


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Sep 1, 2008
I've two $30 Pentair pool valves that I'd like to reuse if possible.
I've used a 1.5" Jones Stephens Corp Socket Saver:

to ream out the sockets of the valve.

The thing works pretty well but when I put a piece of PVC tubing into the sockets you can tell the clearances are not as tight as when fresh from the store.

My question: Anyone have experience with using this tool and if the joints are leakfree after proper glueing? These joints are under some pressure from the pump (< 25 psi) so they can't be leaky.


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May 30, 2012
Allentown, PA
I own that tool and it works very well. You will notice a looser fit than brand new, but with glue it seals up good as new. If you can remove the old fitting with heat you should have an even better fit.
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