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Aug 18, 2021
Tustin CA
Hello everybody,

I'm currently getting pricing for PVC piping for my remodel through local plumbing, irrigation, and big box stores. I understand that 2021 is a crazy year with pricing and supply chain disruptions. Here in Southern California, 2" PVC Schedule 40 20foot length pipe runs about $33 and 1.5" PVC 20foot runs about $28 as of this posting. Schedule 80 is roughly double the cost respectively. How does this compare to your region? I've had several suppliers tell me that prices will continue to rise due to the shortage of resins in the plastics supply chain and that prices are not likely to go down even next year. Do you think this is true?

Question 1: If you were to build out a new pool, would you pipe with Schedule 40 PVC or Schedule 80 PVC? I have trepidations of pipe leaks down the line, especially in earthquake prone Southern California and my expansive clay soils. But maybe at that point, it wouldn't matter what schedule the pipes are at as either would probably break in certain scenarios.

Question 2: For a new pool buildout/remodel with spa, what is the average length of 2" piping and 1.5" piping one should expect to purchase? 200ft of pipe? My pool is on the smaller side at 90 linear feet and I have to replace the old copper lines with PVC.

Question 3: For the PVC glue, is there a big difference between using the Red Hot Pool Pro Vs. Rain-R-Shine Vs. Hot Medium Blue Lava, etc? So far I'm leaning to use the Red Hot Pool Pro with purple primer. Any thoughts?


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Jul 19, 2021
Southern California
Answer #1— schedule 80
Answer #2– unknown, all depends on location of equipment pad and distance to and from pool and spa.
Answer #3– my plumbers use “POOL-TITE” blue “HOT” professional grade medium pvc cement
hope this helps, Ray.
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May 24, 2016
Yeah I have a few thoughts.

Schedule 80 PVC at your heater, and your pool pump out to about a foot why not. 80 for the rest of your build dude save your money. Think Schedule 80 PVC for high tempertures when it comes to pools. Because you will never come close to the pressures its used for.

Don't worry about the glue or primer. That's not for you to decide, unless your doing the plumbing yourself. For exp, I use mostly grey 4007 from SPC, (4007 I think,) when I to do bigger jobs. I use light blue for small quick jobs, It drys really fast, or when I'm working wet. I use Christys dark blue when I dont care if I make a mess etc... I use purple primer on all big jobs so I can see I've primed, and so the city can see that too. I use clear glue and primer for some repairs in some areas..... Let them use the glue and primer they need stay out of it, again unless it's you replubing the job. If so use Christys dark blue and any purple primer because its in the most part the same, but a lot different in the application.

Formosa Plastics in Texas has fired back up, they were down for awhile but the market filled in to keep pvc prices ok. Not great but ok. So I'm not a fortune cookie but PVC didn't really go up very much in TX, there was no shortage nation wide, other than inflation I do not see a reason to stock up on PVC at this time. The pool builders are stocked up for about 6 months out. Meaning they have everything they really need to close those jobs around 6 months out. Like I said I am not a fortune cookie, but you could spend time stocking up on other things for the time being.
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