PVC fittings question - Coleman 22'

Apr 15, 2017
So I'm slowly getting things figured out, and now I'm down to the details of the plumbing. I have a major project going so I would rather avoid the cost of having to replumb everything. I am going to get the Intex 15k gallon salt system and the intex 3000 GPH sand system. From the reviews I read, it seems the hoses that come with that fit the pool natively. Can someone here confirm that? I would like to avoid getting everything setup but missing enough to throw me off for days waiting. Are the inlets/outlets on a Coleman 22' standard 1 1/2inch? I see some videos showing adapters needed, but reviews saying they didn't.

The other thing I'm trying to figure out is what do I need to install a sidewall skimmer. Do I need an adapter? ]

I also have found those hayward replacement inlets to go from an intex/bestway non-standard fitting to a standard 1 1/2 PVC fitting, but then you need an adapter to back to fit the pump correct? So confusing!
Apr 15, 2017
So, unless I want to add a shutoff valve I only need to buy that adapter? How would I close up the extra intake? The pool comes with a cap?


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Jun 3, 2015
If the pool is exactly the same as the Intex, I recommend you install standard 1-1/2" Hayward wall fittings, and use 1-1/2 plugs. You could also use two large patches, one inside and one outside the liner for each hole from the original fittings. You will need to cut out the original 'sleeves' from the liner either way.

There are s few threads here where Intex owners have done as you are looking to do.

My skimmer install thread is a link in my signature.

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